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The Macallan Master Decanter Series M Black

The Macallan Master Decanter Series M Black

Founded in 1824, The Macallan is one of the Big 3 single malts in Scotland the other two are Glenfiddich and Glenlivet. Fortunately, Macallan has achieved this scale without sacrificing quality. A change in UK labeling laws aced them out of their Speyside designation. But just because the British Parliament gerrymandered the official boundaries doesnt mean whiskey-lovers have to pay any attention. Macallan single malts are famous for their classic Speyside style and the heavily sherried influence of their core rage. The Macallan has been creating single malt whisky for so long at such a high volume and such a high level that they have what sports teams call a very deep bench. Their incredible inventory of rare, aging single malt gives them the ability to pinpoint flavors and special editions for the refined whisky palate that satisfy a huge, global following. Their achievements are numerous, including setting the record price ever paid at auction for a single bottle of scotch at auction this year. At the higher end of the Macallan line is the Masters Decanter Series, of which there are four The Macallan Reflexion, The Macallan no.6, The Macallan M, and The Macallan M Black. Each is special in craftsmanship and in the unique, artistic decanters crafted of fine French crystal by the famous House of Lalique. Macallan M Black takes this superior level of presentation a bit further in that not only is this a gently peated dram almost unheard of at Macallan but the decanter is cut from black crystal. So here we have a combination that will likely be one of the most collectible single malt whiskies of the year.

PRODUCT NAME The Macallan Master Decanter Series M Black


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