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Mezcal Amaras Logia Sierra Negra Artesanal Limited Edition

Mezcal Amaras Logia Sierra Negra Artesanal Limited Edition

Mezcal Amaras Lodge

Mystical and enigmatic, Amarás Logia is a brand that appreciates and values ​​each solar cycle in small and unrepeatable batches of mezcal, embracing the knowledge of centuries of heritage and tradition with a clear intention: to protect the agave as a species. To do this, we created a reforestation program that embodies our commitment to maintain the biodiversity of all wild agaves in mezcal-producing regions. Logia is an ode to the unattainable, the select and the rare, perfectly defining our agaves and their importance as a sacred plant. Its limited and collectible editions are specially selected for those who love to discover, in sips, details that move the soul.

Amarás Logia Sierra Negra invites the most exquisite palates to try citrus and herbal aromas with light and spicy notes that blend into a sweet finish.

  • Made by hand with 12-year-old wild A. americana agave.
  • Due to the minimal viability of its seeds, its production is limited to 2,000 liters per year.
  • His recipe includes pink peppercorns, pirul fruits, and red chili peppers in combination with the oak wood used to cook the agave.
PRODUCT NAME Mezcal Amaras Logia Sierra Negra Artesanal Limited Edition


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