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Tullibardine 225 Sauternes Cask Finish

Tullibardine 225 Sauternes Cask Finish

Following his coronation at the Scone Palace in 1488, King James IV purchased a keg of beer at the Tullibardine Brewery, the first public brewery in Scotland. At the time, the brewery used crystal clear spring water that flowed from the Ochil Hills down to the brewery in order to craft its unique ales. Nearly five centuries later, a Welshman named William Delme Evans purchased the brewery and converted it into a distillery (Evans was also responsible for designing the Jura and Glenallachie distilleries). In 1949, the first drops of Scotch whisky flowed from the distillery's stills and today over six decades later the distillery continues to use much of the same ingredients and methods that the Tullibardine Brewery used in crafting King James' beer, including the same crystal clear spring water. Tullibardine Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made exclusively from locally-sourced malted barley. Once the grains arrive at the distillery, they are milled and mashed before being fermented in the distillery's washbacks. Following fermentation, the wash was distilled by John Black, Tullibardine's longtime master distiller, through the distillery's copper-pot stills (the stills were installed in 1974). Tullibardine legendary master distiller Black, who was born in 1942 at the Cardhu Distillery, has spent over five decades in the Scotch whisky industry until he sadly deceased recently in 2013. Tullibardine Highland Single Malt 225 Sauternes Finish Scotch Whisky is also aged in American oak casks that were previously used to mature bourbon. After its initial beauty rest, it is finished for one year in 225-liter sauternes casks sourced from the Chateau Suduiraut. As a result, the whisky has a golden-yellow color, along with an aroma of citrus, cinnamon and creamy vanilla. Notes of spices, maple syrup and candied orange dominate the palate, and lead to a long finish with hints of delicate spices. Tullibardine 225 Sauternes represents a unique spirit, distilled in time-honored tradition and finished with a modern twist.

PRODUCT NAME Tullibardine 225 Sauternes Cask Finish


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