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Xicaru Silver Joven Maguey Espadin Mezcal

Xicaru Silver Joven Maguey Espadin Mezcal

Xicaru, the Zapotec word for beautiful, reflects Fernando Santibañez’s desire to share a traditionally produced mezcal that is approachable and distinct. Using his grandmother’s recipe, we make small batches of Xicaru Mezcal with time-honored methods at a palenque in Matatlán, Oaxaca.

This mezcal showcases the 100% Maguey espadin from which it’s made. Its natural smoky flavor is derived by cooking the maguey in a conical stone oven on mesquite and ocote, woods native to Oaxaca.

Tasting Notes
The pure appearance and substantial body result from age old methods used in the production process. The finished aroma is natural and robust; a combination of maguey, mesquite and ocote. Earthy characteristics on the front palate give way to citrus and rich vegetal maguey notes that finish distinctively clean. A tinge of smoke complements these qualities without overwhelming the delicate balance found in Xicaru.

Jaguar Symbol
In ancient Zapotec culture the jaguar symbolized great strength and agility. The Santibañez family home of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, derives its name from this revered creature. We utilize the jaguar to reflect the tradition and heritage used in crafting Xicaru Mezcal.


PRODUCT NAME Xicaru Silver Joven Maguey Espadin Mezcal


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